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2nd period Algebra 1/Geometry 2011-2012  

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Algebra I/Geometry is a course designed to allow students who made a high score on the Algebra placement test to move at a quicker pace through their high school mathematics courses. While making a high score qualifies you for the course it is not a guarantee of success. This course is a bridge between 8th grade math and Algebra II. This course will move at a rapid pace, so working hard on a daily basis will be expected. The first half of the course is divided up into three units. Topics to be studied include: equations in one variable, equations in two variables, exponentials and quadratics
    During any of these units, several different assignments will be required. These assignments may be any one or more of the following: daily practice (homework), quizzes, group work, and unit exams.
The final grade will be based on a total point system by taking the total points of the individual and dividing by the total possible points. These points will be obtained by completing the aforementioned assignments. Larger or more cumulative assignments will be given a higher point value than smaller ones. For example, a unit test will be worth more points than an unannounced daily quiz.
I place high demands on my students, and they are expected to work hard on a daily basis. Algebra I can be a very difficult class if not prepared for each day; on the other hand, it can be very rewarding if approached in a positive manner.

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