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Class Rules and Procedures


-         General Rules (posted on board in classroom)

-         Entering/Leaving Class

o       Be in your seat when the tardy bell rings with materials on desk and working on bellringer.

o       Remain seated when the bell rings if I am giving out important instructions or assignments.

o       Use your time wisely and work until the bell rings.

o       If you do not have supplies (paper, pencil, book), let your teacher know BEFORE class begins.

o       Remain quiet in the halls and stay in a straight line when the class goes to the library, computer lab, or any other location.

o       Fire exit (exit calmly and quietly and in a line)

-         In-class behavior

o       Only 1 person should be on the floor at a time.

o       Raise your hand to speak or get permission to get out of your seat.

o       Stay quiet during announcements.

o       No food or drink (except clear water) in class.

o       No grooming, talking, or passing notes.

o       Respect class equipment and clean up your work area before you leave class.

o       Your textbook is YOUR responsibility, make sure you know where it is at all times (do not loan it to a friend) and be careful not to write on or tear any pages.

o       Throw away any trash at the end of class as you exit.

o       Cheating on tests and/or homework will result in a zero for all students involved.

o       Be respectful to class visitors.

o       You should not ask to go to the bathroom during notes or instructions unless it is an emergency, you may miss something important.

o       Remain quiet when moving into groups and talk only with your group members (stay on task).

-         Assignments

o       Write all homework assignments down.

o       At the top of homework assignments write your name, class period, date and the name of the assignment (for example: pg. 145 1-10).

o       Today’s date will always be written in the corner of the board.

o       If we are not turning in assignments as a class, make sure you place your assignment in the correct tray for your class period.

o       Write neatly and clearly – If I can’t read it, you will have to redo it to get a grade!

o       Always read comments made on homework assignments, even if we don’t go over them in class, they may be helpful to you in the future.

o       Study packs should be kept in order and neat (this should be an easy grade for you at the end of the nine weeks).

o       Getting all bellringers, notes, and other assignments for days you were absent from class is YOUR responsibility and you will be expected to have these in your study packs.

-         Notes

o       You will take notes from PowerPoints in this class and occasionally on your own from the textbook. All notes must be in your own handwriting.

o       Keep all notes in your notebook, as well as any other assignments and/or worksheets (these are good study materials).

o       Always bring your notes to class, we will use them!



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