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What are study packs? Tips for study packs.

Study packs are a collection of notes, activities, and student work from a certain unit. They may contain anywhere from 10 to 20 items, depending on the unit. Students use their study packs to complete daily assignments, bellringers, study guides, and to study for the unit test. On the day of the test, students turn in their study packs for a grade. A table of contents for study packs is kept at the front of the classroom and referred to daily as students add more content to their study packs. A table of contents is also listed on this website. Below are some tips for students about study packs.

Tips for Study Packs
  1. Number all items on the top right hand corner.
  2. Keep items in order.
  3. Write neatly.
  4. Always get your notes when you are absent.
  5. Use the study pack to help you prepare for tests!
  6. Attach a table of contents to the front when you turn in your study pack.
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