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Steps for Successful Sightreading

Steps for Successful Sightreading

1. Identify the clef
    a. Treble
    b. Bass

2. Identify the time signature
    a. 4/4
    b. 3/4
    c. 2/4
    d. 6/8
3. Identify the key signature
    a. Sharps or flats?
    b. How many?

4. What is DO?
    a. what is the key

5. What solfege syllable does the piece start on?
    a. is it DO?
    b. is it another syllable?

6. Identify where the melody moves in steps and leaps
    a. Label your solfege - SING AS YOU WRITE

7. Identify any accidentals

8. Identify rhythms
    a.  what is the smallest rhythm in the passage
    b.  what is the largest rhythm in the passage
    c.  is there any syncopation

9. Clap the rhythm of the passage

10. Read through the passage outloud

11. Count out your tempo slowly

12. Take a DEEP breath and Go!

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