The Decades of HHS
1950's  Harlan Middle School The 6th grade Pink Ladies and Greasers. Katie King, Shanae Thomas,Audrey Lewis, Braxton Fannin, Shawn Michael Wilson, Ashley Minyard, Danielle Miller, Kendyll Gilliam, Madison Brewer, Caroline Magnani Pretty Caroline Magnani--looking all "sassy" in her pink glasses on 50's Day at HMS Mrs. Posey and her two hippies, Shanae Thomas and Madison Brewer. HHS Cheerleaders Chelsea Clem and Autumn Pace and MS student Tricia Clem are ready for the 60's. 5th Grade Flower Children. 5th Grade Hippies 6th Grade 60's Day. 7th Grade 60's Day 8th Grade 60's Day 1940's day at HHS Yin Yin Chen, Camille Browning, Mariah Farmer, and Ashley Duff otherwise known as KISS! Madelyn Henson--groovy baby!! Paul Stanley or is it Bryce Browning? James Billings--peace out.. Braxton Fannin and Shawn Michael Wilson--looking hip on 70's day at HMS. Love that 70's "fro" ---Melissa Arwood. Michael Jackson is back at HMS... All of the "preps" are ready for 80's day... Emma Bianchi--looking preppy! Punk rockers Madison Noe, Rebecca Posey, Jordan Brock, and Kenzie Lankford. Megan Helton is a 1984 prom queen!