Principal's Message

Pat Bryson
Director of Preschool

Welcome to Sunshine School!

We are always so glad to have our returning K-4 students and are looking forward to meeting our new K-3 boys and girls. Every year we are amazed at how much our last year’s three year olds have matured. I often laugh and say, “There is 10 years difference between beginning K-3s and K-4s!”
This time of year is a little tense for the new parents, but we hope to ease these tensions with our practice schools and parent visits. Anyone with questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call Ms. Sylvia or me at 573-8714.
We welcome any grandparents, baby-sitters, siblings or community members to come by for a visit to our wonderful new building. Summertime is clean-up, fix-up time, but you can come by to see our bright, colorful facilities anytime. The children seem to love their cafeteria the best. They feel very grown up to have a cafeteria like their big brothers and sisters.
Change is easier for some children than others; please know that we will love and accept your child at whatever stage he/she is. Our goal is to begin at wherever your child is and help him/her to learn all of the social and cognitive skills needed in the later school years. We believe that children learn by doing and that play is child’s work. Our staff is loving, kind, well trained, and share the goal of developmentally appropriate practice.
Whatever your concern is, share it with us; together we will work to make this the happiest year of your child’s life.
Thank you for entrusting your child into our care.
Sunshine School is a great place to grow!


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