HMS Academic Region Champs


The 2022 Regional Championship will qualify the Green Dragons to advance to state competition that will be held March 19-21 in Louisville, Ky. Regional qualifiers from across the commonwealth will assemble to compete for a state title.

In addition to Harlan, schools making up Region 20 include Black Mountain, Cawood, Cumberland, Evarts, Green Hill, James A. Cawood, Rosspoint, and Wallins.

The top five scorers in each assessment area will advance to state competition. First place and runner-up in the Quick Recall & Future Problem-Solving teams also advance to Louisville. Evarts took Runner up in Future Problem Solving while Rosspoint grabbed runner up in Quick Recall.

Eighth grader Sayed Damaa was the leader for the Green Dragons scoring a rare perfect score in the Math assessment portion of the contest. He also took first place in the Science assessment and was a key team member of the Quick Recall squad.

Coach Chris Day, who also serves as Harlan Middle School guidance counselor, believes his team is in great position for a strong showing at the state level. “I am proud of this team and the way they have worked this year. To win the region is a big accomplishment, especially given all the obstacles we have faced. We have a lot of kids that will get a chance to compete and state so I am expecting them to represent Harlan very well.”

Superintendent C.D. Morton praised the commitment and focus on academic excellence demonstrated by the students and coaches. He noted, “Schools provide a variety of avenues for students to flourish, I believe classrooms should be at the top of that list. I am proud that our teachers, coaches, and students work together to keep our students achieving at such high levels. To remain focused over the last couple of years has taken great effort by everyone, but in the end, it will be schools that will play a major part in equipping students with the resiliency to achieve greatness.”


1st         Sayed Damaa (Harlan Middle)

2nd        Shania Middleton (Rosspoint)

3rd         Gabriel Clay (Cumberland)

4th         Clarissa Yost (JACES)

5th         Ethan Lewis (Black Mountain)



1st         Sayed Damaa (Harlan Middle)

2nd        Shania Middleton (Rosspoint)

3rd         Aiden Stewart (Black Mountain)

4th         Gabriel Clay (Cumberland)

5th tie    Ethan Lewis (Black Mountain)

5th tie    Caden Craig (Wallins)


Social Studies:

1st         Juliana Damaa (Harlan Middle)

2nd        Amelia Colinger (JACES)

3rd         Bryson Eldridge (JACES)

4th         Caden Craig (Wallins)

5th        Elijah Moore (JACES)


Language Arts:

1st         Selena Amro (Harlan Middle)

2nd        Bryson Eldridge (JACES)

3rd         Lacey Short (Rosspoint)

4th         Kylie Ward (Wallins)

5th         Elisabeth Hensley (Harlan Middle)


Arts and Humanities:  

1st         Juliana Damaa (Harlan Middle)

2nd        Kylie Ward (Wallins)

3rd         Lacey Short (Rosspoint)

4th         Addison Truitt (Rosspoint)

5th         Emilee Johnson (Evarts)



1st         Emmely Hickey (JACES)

2nd        Serenity Brock (Harlan Middle)

3rd         Kaydence Wynn (Black Mountain)

4th         Jenna Nguyen (Harlan Middle)

5th         Daelyn Garland (Cumberland0


Quick Recall:

1st         Harlan Middle

2nd        Rosspoint

3rd         Evarts

4th        JACES


Future Problem Solving:

1st         Harlan Middle

2nd        Evarts

3rd        JACES