Harlan Independent Teachers Recognized as #1 in Commonwealth by Niche.com

Harlan Independent School District was also ranked #3 for the Best Place to Teach in Kentucky. The district was awarded an Overall Niche Grade of A and ranked #12 out of the 167 K-12 public school districts across the Commonwealth.

Superintendent C.D. Morton emphasized the importance of having  quality teachers in front of students throughout their K-12 education experience. “There is a great deal of research that supports the importance of having highly qualified, effective teachers in the life of a child. Nothing can impact learning levels more than a caring, effective teacher. I am pleased with this recognition, but not surprised. The success of our students and district rests on the shoulders of effective classroom instruction. Combined with a culture of supportive learning the results speak for themselves in the lives of our students.”

The Green Dragon family of schools was also well represented in the Niche rankings. With regard to public Elementary Schools, Harlan Elementary School is ranked #4 and labeled as a Niche Standout Elementary School and #11 among all 708 elementary schools in Kentucky. Harlan Elementary School teachers were ranked #1 with the best teachers in Kentucky public schools with a Niche.com overall grade of A.

Harlan Middle/High School (5-12) was recognized as the #3 Best Public High School Teachers in Kentucky and ranked #33 among the 247 K12 Public High Schools. The school was awarded a B+ Overall Niche Grade. Britt Lawson, Principal, stated “We are proud of our teachers and students at Harlan Middle/High School for the way they bring honor and pride to our community and region. Regardless of how you measure it, each year, and even during a pandemic, our students and staff demonstrate that education is our top priority by rising to the challenge. This is a great honor for our school community.”

Niche combines qualitative data from sources like the U.S. Department of Education to evaluate teachers, resources and facilities, extracurricular activity opportunities and end user input.

As reported by Niche.com, each school of Harlan Independent schools achieved top or upper placements in “Best Public Schools in Kentucky”:

• Harlan Elementary School: No. 11 (out of 708 public elementary schools)

• Harlan Middle/High School: No. 33 (out of 247 public high schools)

• Harlan Independent School District: No. 12 (out of 167 K-12 KY public school districts)

According to national data provided by Niche.com, HISD is in the top 8% of best public school districts in the US and also identifies HISD teachers as in the Top 10% of teaching staffs in the country. To view all Kentucky school rankings visit niche.com.