HMS Champs

Harlan Middle School Academic Team Captures District 65 District Title

 (Harlan, Ky)  Following up on last year’s historic level of academic achievement in Governor’s Cup competition, the Harlan Middle School Academic Team took top honors in the District 65 Kentucky Governor’s Cup match recently held at Wallins.

 Capturing 1st place in Quick Recall and Future Problem Solving the Green Dragons secured first place finishes in each assessment area except Science. They were the overall winners with 62 points. Jaces was runner-up with 22.5 points and Rosspoint secured 3rd place with 20.5.

 The 2023 district title marks the Green Dragons fourth consecutive title and 17th in the last 21 years. The 2022 Harlan team finished with a school and county record 8th place in the state last year and is looking for another strong performance at the upcoming regional competition. Harlan is coached by Mr. Chris Day and Mr. Chris Howard.


The top five finishers in each subject area assessment will advance to the regional competition.



1st        Kenan Amro (Harlan Middle)

2nd       Doug Honeycutt (Harlan Middle)

3rd        Grayson Short (Rosspoint)

4th        Thomas Daniels (Jaces)

5th        Michael Lindsey (Harlan Middle)



1st        Braylee Kazy (Jaces)

2nd tie   Kenan Amro (Harlan Middle)

2nd tie   Grayson Short (Rosspoint)

4th        Avery Carroll (Harlan Middle)

5th tie   Wesley Greene (Wallins)


Social Studies:

1st        Juliana Damaa (Harlan Middle)

2nd       Karson Dunn (Rosspoint)

3rd        Sabby Mosley (Rosspoint)

4th        Jack Eld (Wallins)

5th        Kaleigh Arvin (Jaces)


Language Arts:

1st        Addison Lemar (Harlan Middle)

2nd       Gracie Hensley (Harlan Middle)

3rd        Riley Card (Rosspoint)

4th        Cole Seals (Jaces)

5th        Shaedyn Crow (Harlan Middle)


Arts and Humanities:  

1st        Juliana Damaa (Harlan Middle)

2nd       Jack Eld (Wallins)

3rd        Thomas Daniels (Jaces)

4th        Michael Lindsey (Harlan Middle)

5th        Wiley Ray Collett (Green Hills)



1st        Jenna Nguyen (Harlan Middle)

2nd       Skylar Rutherford (Jaces)

3rd        Rihanna Montanaro (Harlan Middle)

4th        Clarissa Yost (Jaces)

5th        Cole Cornett (Rosspoint)


Quick Recall:

1st        Harlan Middle

2nd       Wallins

3rd        Rosspoint


Future Problem Solving:

1st        Harlan Middle

2nd       Wallins

3rd        Jaces

Voted on by the participating schools, Harlan Middle School was also awarded the Hume Sportsmanship Award.

Top finishers and teams will advance to the Regional competition in February at Letcher County High School. Students will be competing for a chance to advance at the State event held in Louisville, Kentucky.