HES 2024 Dirstrict Champs

(Harlan, Ky) The Kentucky Governor’s Cup Academic Team Championships continue to stack up for the Harlan Independent Schools. All three schools swept the district competition for the fifth straight year. With Harlan Elementary School's recent win, the Dragons have now won district titles in the High School, Middle School, and Elementary divisions dating back to 2020.

Students across the county gathered to compete in the academic competition and a chance to advance to the regional competition in March. The Harlan Elementary School Academic Team recorded 80 points to take top honors in the District 103 competition held at JACES.

A perfect team score is achieved when students from the same school win the top three places in each assessment area while also winning the Quick Recall and the Future Problem-Solving competition. Harlan Elementary narrowly missed the mark winning 16 of the 18 possible assessment area placements, on their way to the second-highest team score in school history. The Green Dragons scored a whopping 81 points in 2020. 

Capturing 1st place this year marks the Green Dragons' seventh consecutive district title and will defend their regional reign of five championships in March. Wallins was runner-up with 20.5 points while JACES secured 3rd place with 17. Cawood Elementary rounded out the competition with 5.5 points to capture 4th place.

The Green Dragons are coached by Mr. Brent Roy, Mrs. LeAnne Chasteen, and Mrs. Sierra Crow.

The top five finishers in each subject area assessment will advance to regional competition.


1st         Thomas Leo Miller (Harlan Elementary)

2nd       Jeremy Jackson (Harlan Elementary)

3rd         Saylor Crow (Harlan Elementary)

4th         Maddox Helton (Wallins Elementary)

5th         Cameron Chappell (JACES Elementary)



1st         Hunter Taylor (Harlan Elementary)

2nd        Thomas Leo Miller (Harlan Elementary)

3rd         Andrew Alred (Harlan Elementary)

4th         Hunter Asher (Wallins Elementary)

5th         Colton Roberts (Wallins Elementary)


Social Studies:

1st         Saylor Crow (Harlan Elementary)

2nd        Hunter Taylor (Harlan Elementary)

3rd         Vivian Smith (Harlan Elementary)

4th         Lydia Wright (Wallins Elementary)

5th         Maddox Helton (Wallins Elementary)


Language Arts:

1st         Natalie Adams (Harlan Elementary)

2nd        Shelbee Fee (Harlan Elementary)

3rd         Juliane Miller (Harlan Elementary)

4th         Madelyn Craig (Wallins Elementary)

5th         Zoey Raza (Wallins Elementary)


Arts and Humanities:  

1st         Natalie Adams (Harlan Elementary)

2nd        Vivian Smith (Harlan Elementary)

3rd         Hannah Adams (Harlan Elementary)

4th         Ava Stanton (JACES Elementary)

5th         Madilyn Helton (Wallins Elementary)

5th         Kristan Brock (Wallins Elementary)



1st         Addison Adams (JACES Elementary)

2nd        Alivia Eversole (Harlan Elementary)

3rd         Madi Barrett (Cawood Elementary)

4th         Lydia Wright (Wallins Elementary)

5th         Zoey Raza (Wallins Elementary)

5th        Jocelyn Miracle (Cawood Elementary)


Quick Recall:

1st         Harlan Elementary

2nd        Cawood Elementary

3rd         James A. Cawood Elementary

4th         Wallins Elementary


Future Problem Solving:

1st         Harlan Elementary

2nd        Wallins Elementary

3rd        James A. Cawood Elementary