Luttrell, Tracie

Tracie Luttrell

Contact Info:

Room: 110
Phone:  573-8750


Monday, Wednesday, Friday

1st block (8:15-9:45)English 3

2nd block (9:50-11:25) Senior Writing Seminar

3rd block (11:30-1:30) AP English Language Arts and Composition

4th block (1:30-3:15) Planning

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

1st block (8:15-9:45)English 2

2nd block (9:50-11:25) English 2

3rd block (11:30-1:30) English 2

4th block (1:30-3:15) Planning

For 2020/2021 school year, we have moved to Google classroom. Please contact Mrs. Luttrell to get the classroom code for Google Classroom.

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