As a public school district, we participate in the Kentucky state accountability system.  To access current test results and reports, go to the School Report Card on the Kentucky Department of Education's website Kentucky Department of Education.

College readiness:
ACT (Grade 11) in March. 

Academic Achievement:

Kentucky Summative Assessment  
These tests include both multiple choice and constructed response items based on Kentucky Academic Standards.  By law, these tests are scheduled during the last fourteen student days of the school year.

Grade 3:  Reading, Math
Grade 4:  Reading, Language Mechanics, Math, Science
Grade 5:  Reading, On-Demand Writing, Math, Social Studies
Grade 6:  Reading, Math
Grade 7:  Reading, Math, Science
Grade 8:  Reading, On-Demand Writing, Language Mechanics, Math, Social Studies
Grade 10:  Reading and Math
Grade 11:  Reading and Math