As a public school district, we participate in the Kentucky state accountability system.  To access current test results and reports, use the Open House portal at the Kentucky Department of Education.  Click here for access.

Kentucky's accountability system is known as the Unbridled Learning. As part of this system, students are tested annually as follows:

College readiness:
ACT (Grade 11) in March.  This test will be given on March 1, 2016.  If school were closed that day for weather, the make-up would occur on March 15.

Formerly the EXPLORE and PLAN were given in Grades 8 and 10, but ACT has discontinued them.  The Kentucky Department of Education is currently considering alternatives, but no test will be given in 2015-16.

Academic achievement:  

These tests include both multiple choice and constructed response items based on Kentucky Core Academic Standards.  By law, these tests are scheduled during the last fourteen student days of the school year.

Grade 3:  Reading, Math
Grade 4:  Reading, Language Mechanics, Math, Science
Grade 5:  Reading, On-Demand Writing, Math, Social Studies
Grade 6:  Reading, Language Mechanics, On-Demand Writing, Math
Grade 7:  Reading, Math, Science
Grade 8:  Reading, On-Demand Writing, Math, Social Studies
Grade 10:  On-Demand Writing
Grade 11:  On-Demand Writing

K-PREP:  End of Course Exams (high school;  at end of each course)
These tests include both multiple choice and constructed response items based on the ACT Quality Core Course Standards which are aligned with the ACT.  For students in a live classroom, they are administered during the closing weeks of the school year.  For students completing a course through e-School, the test is given upon completion of course work. 


  • Algebra II

  • English II

  • Biology

  • United States History

    The Board of Education and HHS School Council have determined that the EOC score will count as ten percent of the student's grade in the course.  

Program Reviews
Student achievement in Arts and Humanities and Practical Living/Career Studies is not formally assessed, but those programs along with writing and world languages will be evaluated annually using Program Reviews.

To visit the Kentucky Department of Education's Unbridled Learning page, click here.