The Harlan Independent Schools provides staff and students with a wide range of technology and computer tools to advance student learning.

Every K-12 classroom has been equipped with SmartBoards and ceiling mounted projectors to engage students in learning. In addition, 21st Century learning tools are available to classrooms. Document camera's, student response pads, along with wireless chalkboards are also available.

A wireless network is also available across the entire campus for anytime, anywhere learning.

For questions please contact Mr. Shope at 606-573-8700 option 6.

Helpful Technology Links
How to add a Move link to Entourage Mail
This neat little feature will cut down your steps when moving mail from you inbox on the server to your inbox on your computer. Currently when you move a message, Entourage 
Copies the message, requiring you to go back and delete the item from you inbox on the Server.

Read Receipt Setup for Entourage 2008 Mac
Want to get a receipt for an email? Follow these steps to set the feature up on the Macintosh OS X Entourage client. Click here for directions.

Loud Fan on 20" iMac - SMC REST Directions
If your iMac's fan is humming away, a simple SMC Reset could solve the problem. Click her for directions to resolve the issue:

* be sure to expand the option at the bottom > Resetting the SMC for Mac Pro, Intel-based iMac, Intel-based Mac mini, or Intel-based Xserve

Firefox PDF viewer Plugin
Ever wish you didn't have to open Adobe Acrobat or Preview to view PDF files? Now you can view them within your Firefox browser. Add this extension to your Firefox browser for great PDF viewing. Click 

Convert File from one format to another  (.wpd to .doc)
Need to convert a file type? Say a Word Perfect (.wpd) file to a Word (.doc) file or to a .pdf file. Use this website to get those results. Click 

Dukane Document Camera 335 Software
For the latest document camera software click 
here for directions to connect the Document Camera to the iMac.