Comprehensive Improvement Plan

Comprehensive Improvement Planning is a state-mandated process the district and schools use to focus our efforts on getting students to proficiency.  The resulting plans address specific areas of need, setting priorities for use of time and resources during the coming school year.  The district and school plans are coordinated so as to get the maximum benefit from our work.

The district and the schools each have a planning team composed of members representative of teachers, classified staff, principals, central office administrators, the school councils, the school board, parents, and the community.  The high school team includes student members.  The teams conduct a comprehensive needs assessment including analysis of test data and a self-study using the Kentucky Academic Standards for School Improvement.  From this needs assessment, the teams identify priority needs and objectives for the coming year and develop strategies and activities to accomplish them.  The school plans also include the achievement gap reduction targets set by the school councils.   The planning process is facilitated by the Supervisor of Instruction to assure that plans are coordinated with each for maximum effectiveness. Completed plans are approved by the school councils and the school board and posted to the district website by December 30 of each year but may be updated throughout the year.

Federal and state categorical funds are used to support plan initiatives.   Plans may be downloaded by going to the District Forms and Links Page.