Director of District Wide Services of Instruction and Assessment

Jennifer Parsons

Director of District Wide Services for Instruction and Assessment


The Director of District Wide Services of Instruction and Assessment is responsible for coordinating school and district efforts to assure that all our students have access to a rich, challenging curriculum delivered through appropriately differentiated instruction employing a variety of research-based strategies.  Programs handled by this office include:

  • Curriculum and Instruction to provide general oversight of the instructional program including design and implementation of the curriculum, use of research-based teaching strategies, differentiation to meet individual student needs, and selection of appropriate instructional resources.

  •  Assessment to determine how our students and school are performing.  This includes coordination of the state testing program throughout the district; analysis and interpretation of results, and support for teachers in designing effective formative and summative classroom assessments.

  • Professional development to support teachers in implementing Unbridled Learning and improving their professional practice. This includes implementatiion of the Professional Growth and Effectiveness System and serving as the district contact for the Certified Evaluation Plan.

  • Comprehensive Improvement Planning to focus available resources to increase student learning and reduce achievement gaps.

  • Gifted Education to provide special services to high potential learners in the primary program and gifted students in Grades 4-12.

  • Administration of ESEA (No Child Left Behind Programs) Includes Titles I, II, and VI. Click here to access Title I Parent Involvement Policies.


Gifted Education

Administration Code for State Assessment

Harlan Independent Certified Evaluation Plan