Curriculum and Instruction

Our English/Language Arts and Mathematics programs are based on the Common Core Standards.  This year we are also implementing the new Next Generation Science Standards and beginning work towards implementation of new arts standards in 2016-17. Until adoption of new standards, Kentucky Core Content 4.1  continues as the basis of the curriculum in other areas.  These documents are available at the Kentucky Department of Education. Scope and sequence documents showing in detail what is being taught at each grade level are available on request in the school and central offices.

Curriculum development is coordinated by the Director of District Wide Services of Instruction and Assessment.

Gifted and Talented

Pacing Guides

RTI Matrix

  • District Plan: .docx

  • Process: .docx

  • Implementation Report Form: .docx

  • Monitoring Process School Form: .docx

  • Principal Review Form: .docx

  • Progress Monitoring Chart: .docx

  • Response to Intervention: .docx

  • Student Information Sheet: .docx

  • Team Meeting Agenda: .docx

  • Data Collection Plan: .docx

  • Checklist for RTI Process: .pdf

  • RTI Screening Calendar: .docx

  • Individual Student Plan: .docx

Teacher Forms