COVID 19 Test To Stay Information Page

Harlan Independent Schools
Program to Allow Students and Staff to Avoid Quarantine Periods

The Harlan Independent Schools is currently offering an optional Test-to-Stay program. The program allows students and staff identified as close contacts during COVID-19 contact tracing to avoid quarantining by testing to stay in school.

Under the Test-to-Stay program, students and staff who are identified as close contacts, and who are asymptomatic, can avoid quarantining from school and participate in all school activities by taking daily Covid-19 tests over the course of five (5) days (tests are not required during the weekend). Tests must be negative for COVID 19 each day.

During this period, students and staff can remain at school and participate in all school activities as long as each test is negative.

The COVID-19 tests are administered at the student/staffโ€™s school or in the parking lot of the Mound Street Clover Fork Clinic by the trained medical staff or school nurses. All testing times and locations will coordinated by contacting the school nurse at 606-573-8700 Ext. 2 for Elem and Ext. 3 for MS/HS. Parents will be responsible for transporting their student to the testing site (either in front of the school or in front of Clover Fork Clinic on Mound Street) and remaining with their student for 15 minutes while waiting on test results. Students and staff who test negative for the day may enter school for the day.

Students will not be able to use school district transportation (school buses) during the testing period.

To be eligible for the program, parents and staff must complete the permission and consent forms which outline specific requirements. We ask that you complete the forms prior to potential exposure to expedite the testing process.

  • Clover Fork Clinic Permission/Consent Form

  • Quick Swab Testing Information

    It is important to complete the consent form prior to an exposure. We encourage you to complete the online form as soon as possible. Paper forms are also available at each school.

    You can access the Test-to- Stay program information and the Clover Fork Permission Form on the Harlan Independent School website.
    For questions, please contact your childโ€™s school nurse or Emily Clem at (606) 573-8700.

To complete the Clover Fork Clinic Online Permission Form click here.

To download a PDF copy of the Clover Fork Permission Form click here.

You may submit the completed form by clicking here. This link will take you to a Google form where you select "Submit Completed Paper Form" and click next. You will be prompted to upload the file for submission.

To find our more about nasal swab testing procedure click here.

Paper copies of the permission form are available in each school office.