HHS 19th Best

In case you missed it! Harlan High School was recently ranked among the top 20 best High Schools in Kentucky, coming in at #19. Of the 226 High Schools ranked, this puts Harlan High School in the top 10% of all Kentucky schools.

Harlan High has been among the top rated schools for more than a decade by the US NEWS & World Report and continues to ensure that students are well prepared for their post high school career.

Superintendent C.D. Morton contributes the success to a tradition rich culture of effective and supporting teachers from Sunshine through Harlan High, "The Harlan Independent School district offers students and families a single system of supports and instruction that has allowed us to cultivate an environment that results in a high level of achievement for our students. Preschool through Senior year, our staff gets to know students and can work to support them through their journey. The process has been proven to be effective and recognition like this simply validates what we do is good for students. Our staff and students are to be commended."

Congratulations to the faculty, students, and staff of Harlan High School. https://www.usnews.com/.../best-high.../kentucky/rankings