Harlan Independent Schools Logo

Harlan Independent School District has a long tradition of excellence as our schools have provided an outstanding education for our students for nearly a century. We recognize that the education we provide in our classrooms today will shape the success of our students and our community in the future. For that reason, we take our calling as educators seriously as we constantly work to improve our professional performance for the benefit of our children’s education.            

We believe our students can learn as well as any others and that they must be prepared to live in a highly competitive and ever-shrinking global community. Our schools have won many awards in the past but we strive to continually improve. As a result of the efforts of our students and staff, Harlan Independent School District ranked in the Top 10 of Kentucky's 174 public school districts in academic performance on state assessments in 2011 and 2012. The district was also recently recognized as one of the nation's most cost-effective districts as a result of the strong academic performance of its students while managing its spending. We are committed to even greater achievements in the future.             

We believe our children can reach lofty goals through the dedicated efforts of our teachers and staff, the leadership of our school board and administrators, and the overwhelming support of our parents and community. Thank you for your interest in our district and our vision of education.