Krisha Sajnani

(Harlan, Ky.) – Harlan High School

September 14th, 2021

The Information Technology Specialist program connects students to an on-site mentor who will supervise 600 hours of work experiences within the field over a two year period. Additionally, selected students will invest nearly 300 hours into coursework as they navigate the 3-phase program that culminates in a Kentucky Registered Apprentice Certification as well as Linux and Apple Industry certificates. While participating candidates earn nearly $5000 and receive a new MacBook as part of the program. 

IT Group PhotoDataseam CEO Brian Gupton, was on site recently to kick off the program with District Technology Coordinator Frank Shope, High School Principal Britt Lawson, and Curriculum Supervisor Jennifer Parsons. Gupton noted that Harlan Independent has been a strong partner for nearly two decades and is looking forward to expanding these opportunities. Gupton noted, “Innovation and opportunity have been staples of the programs we have partnered with school districts on, Harlan Independent has really leveraged the opportunities to help bring innovative solutions to their district and students. We think this model allows us to really grow Kentucky students in ways not currently being done, it is a workforce development win-win for the district, the state, and the economy.”
Krisha at Computer

Harlan High School Principal Britt Lawson stated, “Krisha is a perfect candidate for this program, she is motivated, responsible, and gifted. She is going to do very well in this area. I am glad we are able to offer these kinds of programs to our students, coupled with our newly initiated Technology Student Association (TSA) program our students are working diligently to stay on the cutting edge. This TSA program will be a competitive technology development club that will compete against other schools, developing programs, coding, and complete a variety of technology-related exercises. This will be a great opportunity for any student wishing to develop these skills or looking forward to a career in the technology sector.

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