The Harlan Elementary girls Cross Country Team dominated the Area 9 Championships and the Black Bear Invitational held at Harlan County October 2.  6th grade standout Harper Carmical led the way, while 4th graders Priscilla Stewart, Zoe Lawson took the 2nd and 3rd place spots.  3rd graders Chloe Brock and Cora Jones finished 4th and 5th consecutively  to complete a dragon sweep of the top 5 spots! Both teams are coached by Erin Alred and Anne Lindsey.

Elementary girls 2000m run overall winners:
1st Harper Carmical 
2nd Priscilla Stewart
4th Zoe Lawson
5th Chloe Brock
7th Cora Jones
10th Halle Cox
14th Juliana Damaa 
16th Kelsey Smith
25th Addison Sanford
28th Rebecca Adams
30th Daria Lee
33rd Natalie Adams 
36th Shaedyn Crow
37th Miley Cobb
38th Briley Cobb
39th Arianna Raleigh
40th Vivian Smith
41st Hannah Adams 
43rd Khloe 

Elementary girls Area 9 2000m run winners:
1st Harper Carmical 
2nd Priscilla Stewart
3rd Zoe Lawson
4th Chloe Brock
5th Cora Jones
8th Halle Cox
10th Juliana Damaa 
11th Kelsey Smith
16th Addison Sanford
18th Rebecca Adams
20th Daria Lee
22nd Natalie Adams 
24th Shaedyn Crow
25th Miley Cobb
26th Briley Cobb
27th Arianna Raleigh
28th Vivian Smith
29th Hannah Adams 
30th Khloe Abner

On the boys side Cooper Thomas finished 5th overall and Runner Up for the Area 9 Championships.

Elementary boys overall 2000m run winners:

5th Cooper Thomas 
30th Thomas Leo Miller
32nd Jett Luttrell 
34th Canaan Bolton 
36th Mason Raleigh
38th Toby Hensley
39th Michael Lindsey
40th Colt Sullivan 
42nd Saylor Crow
49th Kasyn Combs
54th Andrew Alred
58th Finn Lemarr
59th Landon Traylor
61st Sawyer Crow

Elementary Boys Area 9 2000m run winners:
2nd Cooper Thomas 
16th Thomas Leo Miller
18th Jett Luttrell 
20th Canaan Bolton 
22nd Mason Raleigh
23rd Toby Hensley
24th Michael Lindsey
25th Colt Sullivan 
27th Saylor Crow
34th Kasyn Combs
36th Andrew Alred
37th Finn Lemarr
38th Landon Traylor
40th Sawyer Crow